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Blueprints & plans.

All models have been documented when it comes to the electrical and the electronics etc., and that's about it. The rest was done by simple sketches and trials.
No plans was available of the Emma Maersk what so ever, so I had to collect as many images as possible, measure objects with known measurements on each image, and then calculate a scale for that one image.. observe perspective, then find measurements for other objects.. and cross reference it with other images and so on. It takes a while, but you'll get there.
The rest is "artistic freedom" :-)

Plans can be bought online of the (once top-secret) submarine, giving the most important details such as hull shape etc., and using images for the rest, a quite impressive collection of details can be put together.

The crane, however, is another matter. No kits are available, nor are any collections of plans. Surfing a lot of forums and other sources of technical solutions as inspiration does reveal some ideas. But still, the majority has to be made up along the way. It's very time consuming, and so technically advanced and complicated, that plans should be made in advance. Also, Autodesk Inventor has been made available to me, so I have no excuse for not making plans and virtual tests before constructing parts. Those plans will be available for sale at a later date, and I plan to offer it in small packages e.g. "Pendulum suspension", "Outriggers" and such, rather than the whole deal. More later.