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Capo 8x8 truck, Tatra . Scale 1:10.

Full metal, all-wheel drive, off road monster!

Servo operated high/low gear, servo operated differential locks, servo operated windshield wipers, and of cause steering.

All lights: Parking lights, low beam, high beam, turning signals, brake light, reversing light.

  Did I mention that it is HUGE!
Note the standard size (beer) can right next to it..

L: 960mm    W: 309mm    H: 274mm (cab)   281mm (w. canvas fitted.)
Weight: App. 12kg.

  The frame extrudes through the front, allowing the truck to be pulled.

  Sun roof and doors open..

  Climbing a small hill as if it was not even there.

  Looks like the real thing!

  HUGE bed for this-n-that...

  This towing hook can USED..
The frame extrudes through the rear, allowing the truck to be pulled / pull even more.

  A look at the engine area.
The (full metal-) engine holds the motor (TruckPuller II - 36,1Ncm 12V edition), steering servo, diff lock servo and the servo for high / low gear.

  The truck screams "technical marble!" at you wherever you look!

  Spare wheel... not that I think I'll ever need it..

  Flatbed removed, and a closer look at the drive train.

  There's room for all sorts of things; flatbed, command center, missile pod...

  Rubber bellows keep dust and sand from critical places.

  Rear wheels hang free, and replicate the same angle as the real thing would do!

Tip: Go to youtube, and look for "Tatra 8x8" for the real thing!

  The truck drives best with some weight on the back though, so I'll fit the flatbed again after this photo shoot..

  Drive train parts.
(Picture from the web)

  Wheel hub.
(Picture from the web)

  Axial diff!
(Picture from the web)

  More drive train details.
(Picture from the web)

  Brass gears everywhere..
(Picture from the web)

  Dark cloth hides the ugly electronics...

  Electronics made visible here.
11,1V LiPo, Servonaut M20+ controller, PS4A switch module for high beam light, and Graupner receiver w. telemetry.

  The cooling fan turns when the motor runs forward, thus really cooling the motor inside.

  How it arrives in the box.. drive train pre-assembled.

  Wood box.. note the warning.. :-)