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  Custom build dolly. Scale 1:14.

The dolly was made when the Maersk trailer was done, and I needed somehow to be able to load / unload without manual interference. The dolly fits directly into the custom trailer coupling on my Scania, operated via remote. It was made by buying the cheapest twin wheel trailer I could find, giving me all the stuff needed for the two axles. The rest of the components were found lying around my workshop. Time to build was a few days, all in all.

Well... let's build it!

  The raw frame was made using a bit of left-over frame-rails, and other left-over stuff.

  The front was made in soldered brass for strength, and given a plastic cover for looks.

  The forces are distributed to the frame, giving it a very rigid body.

  Bumper, lights and twin boogie was added..

  ..and the electricals was finished.

  Then a spray of a dark grey that I use a lot.
Tip: Never paint black. It kills the details, and make the model look smaller...

  The rear was finished off with a few mud guards, and an air tank.

  Rims was painted with aluminum paint, I don't like chrome rims. It doesn't look real.

  I did consider putting deck plating on it, but decided against it, and went for the raw look.

  Close-up of the rear.

  And testing!
Note the flatbed on the tractor. It's removable, but really comes in handy from time to time.

  The dolly works fine, so it's time to load it up!

  The dolly does not make it ANY easier to reverse, but it's fun! Now the trailer can be coupled without manual interception, and even coupled behind my flatbed trailer...

  Hehe, had to try out my push-pull arrangement as well.

  What else would you put on the license plate.. on a dolly... right? :-D