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  Custom build 8x6 US Dump truck. Scale 1:14.

What is a collection without a geniune US dump truck?
It turns out that this is one of the trucks that I use the most, simply because there is always something to haul at the club, when we build our scale town and roads.
As usual "standard" was not an option, so I went into custom construction-mode. An extra axle, extended length, complete rework of the sides and panels, and various small things here and there... the list is long!

Color: Deep blue metallic: Tamiya TS19. (My favorite!)    Light grey: RAL 7012

  My dump truck was born like this. An everyday healthy, standard, 3 axle Tamiya King Hauler.

Take a good look. This will be the last "standard" you'll see for a while!

   First some planning.
A good plan is half the job!

   The original headlights embedded into the fender had to go.. and a piece of plastic was fitted, after the housing was cut away.

   Then some filler, and fiiiiine sanding.

   Custom grill, and front fender - all in aluminum of cause.

This guy has many of custom parts: http://www.rcbrmin.com/

   The nose area of the US trucks are perfect for electronics etc.
It is a huge, open space - a true gift to the model builder.

   I had the bed folded at a local metal shop, 3mm (appx. 1/8") aluminum.

   Yep - it's getting there!

   A temporary pause in the build, but still I can show the white plastic structure made around the bed.
A raw alu bed looked a bit too simple, and I also needed some where to put the little lights etc.


Running chassis! A milestone in every build.
It steers on axle 1 and 2
Axle 2, 3 and 4 are driven.

   This is axle 2, steered and driven.
It's a complete custom part bought from https://shop.der-getriebedoktor.de/topangebote.php

   This is one of my ideas: Automatic lock for the tailgate.
A strip of aluminum is hinged a bit in on the bottom of the bed, and then runs all the way back to the rear end.
The bed is "down" then the strip is pinched between the bed, and the spindle mechanism, pushing the strip up, thus locking the tailgate.
(Bed shown upside down)

   Bed down, strip lifted, tailgate locked.

   Bed slightly up, strip drops down a bit, tailgate unlocked.

There would be a lot of spilling if the tailgate was not locked when driving, and when loading the truck.
A lock is a must.

   Next was lights. In Europe we have one light configuration, and the US has another.
I can of cause not accept a US truck with euro-lights on it.. nope!
First a plan.. note that the yellow turn signals are not a part of the party.

   I made an interface to go between the Servonaut regulator / light controller, and my LED's, here shown at the development stage.
The final result was much, much smaller.
It is an Atmega microprocessor that reads the controllers output, and through my software converts that to the US equivalent.
I included an option so you can select if the active turn signal dimms the rear lights, or turns then all the way on / off when blinking.
Software are here: (Use at own risk, blablabla) Download

   Since I went with a special motor (Servonaut GM32U450 12V), there will be no gearbox.
We always use first gear anyway, and nothing else, so.. no gearbox. Instead, I get a nice space for my battery! Is't right under the black lid that I am reaching for in the picture.

I don't like to pull the cab off all the time, due to wires and electronics, so other locations had to be found.

   The drivetrain.

   And that's it! A BIG 10-4 all the way, if I might say so.

   Custom shade, as the original is too small.

   Another angle

   A little chrome study

   Note the rooled up tarpaulin.
It is not automated, so manual intervention is required at this time.

   Here the black tarpaulin is rolled back, covering the load, preventing spillage.

   The smurf are ready to go.

   Max bed angle.

   It can lift a full load of dirt, and about 2/3 load of rocks.

   A little chrome study
Note the four little lights on the steps, and the custom steps on all parts.

   All custom front.

   Different angle.

   A little later I added some mudflaps, which greatly improved the look from behind.


   All lights on

   All lights on

   This is the original that I was inspired by.

   This is the original that I was inspired by.

   This is the original that I was inspired by.