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  First: Axles, rims and wheels.

The final, total width will be dictated by the selected axles and wheels, so this is the very first work that I did.
It's also the most expensive single group of components on the carrier, so it's nice to get it over with.

Well... let's build it!

  As it can be seen here, I want the crane to be driven on all wheels. The real crane is "only" driven on half, but on-track experience with the Scania R620 tells me that "the more the better!"
The large boxes between axle 3 and 4, and again after axle 8 are the outriggers.
The little boxes between axle 6 and 7 are maybe my future oil tanks.

  I ordered real aluminum rims, and crawler tires size 1,9.

The axles are modified Tamiya TLT axles, and the diff's has a gear-factor of 2,67:1.
I need to remember that for later, as I will build my own gearbox for this beast!

  My tire on the left, ordinary Tamiya tire on the right.

The tires are soft crawler tires, size 1.9.
Outer diameter is 108mm...

  and width is 36mm, here shown against an ordinary Tamiya tire.

  The tires came with foam rings, but they proved WAY to soft.
I therefore bought some hard foam, here shown above the tire and the original foam inlay.

Each tire must be able to carry 3 -> 3,5kg.

  Foam was inserted into the tire, after modifying it a bit, so it did not form a bump on the tire.

Then the aluminum ring went in, followed by the two rim halves.
The rims consist of about 84 components each!

  The finished result!
Notice that the two rims are not alike, the center differs!
Looking the real crane reveals that axles that are driven, and axles that are not, differ at the center, so mine does too.
Detail, yes... but why not include it.

  Close-up of a wheel that are supposed to look like a non-driven wheel...

  Close-up of a wheel that are supposed to look like a driven wheel...

  That brings us to this: One complete axle!
Weight as shown on the images is about 540g.
Total width turned out to be 221mm, close enough to the ideal model width of 215mm!

Now we only need to make 7 more of these...

  And here you go!
8 axles ready for the next step: Suspension!

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