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  Crane booms, and stuff!

I finaly managed to find someone that would weld these aluminum elements.
The outer is 3mm thick, the rest is 2mm thick. Calculations shows that it is enough for the loads that I plan.

The largest one is 12cm / 4.7" wide!

  They are all 1,10m / 3.6ft long, but some may be reduced slightly.

  This is the boom as it will look, once completed. 4,20m / 13.8ft long!
The truck next to it is regular size 1:14 scale model.

Next: Nylon sliders, aluminum head-pieces and a lot of mechanics!

  The elements are now ready for the sliding blocks, aluminum rings and internal components, after all of the marks after welding and grinding has been covered by filler, and a layer of primer paint.

My CNC mill is undergoing repairs, but as soon as it is back in working condition, I will update with the manufactured components.

  CNC has been fed a sheet of 15mm thick POM ("nylon"), and outlines of all the elements has been drawn in Inventor (AutoDesk)
The result should be eight nylon rings.

All rear rings are fitted to the outside of the element that it sits on, while all front rings are fitted to the inside of the element that they sit on,
allowing the elements to telescope into each other without binding.

  The first nylon ring is done!

  All nylon rings done for the rear end of the boom!

  And now for the rings in the front end of the boom.. all done the same way.

  Now for the aluminum rings - G-file loaded, and all setup and adjusted.

  A raw sheet of aluminum.
Four rings will be 12mm thick, while the biggest will be 15mm thick.

  First the inner cut is made, then the outer cut - making it a ring.

  The surface finish is looked at using the manual mill.

  - and done!
It does differ somewhat from the original, but I have to focus on function for now, and work with the shape of the boom that I after all have.



    More images and work SOON!!


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