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  Finished carrier!

About two years after I first started planning this build: A completed carrier!
Many of the little parts was made a long time ago, and has been on stock, waiting for this day.

This page will show the final assembly. Please check the other pages of the web-side for details about the making of the different parts.

  The completion of the slewing ring triggered an avalanche of events that could now be completed.

This is the final assembly of the slewing bearing after paint.
5mm balls and grease go in..

  The first few things are bolted to the chassis: Slewing bearing, support, motor, gearbox, torque converter etc.

  Chassis up-side-down:
Motor and gearbox are linked to the torque converter, located right under the slewing bearing.

  -and the all the axles went on... including the cardans etc.

  Wheels got their hub caps, and the front plate under the drivers cab went on..

The real crane has four driven and four non-driven axles. That is why the hub caps are not all alike.
(My crane is driven on all axles though.)

  Preparation of the front half of the body.

  The curtains.
Some black ribbons of cloth were glued to the brass strips using epoxy.
Then it's cut to fit, and then secured under the small aluminum strip using M3 countersunk bolts.

  Curtains fitted! -and so is gear servo, support for the main hydraulic crane cylinders, and a few other things.

It took four days of assembly to get to here. All has to be mounted just right, and all bolts not going into selves locking nuts must have some Locktite!

  Two full days later: Done! Well, sort of.. the outriggers are missing, but they will come in a little while.

  Everything in the engine section is done!

Look carefully at this image, then compare it with the next image...

  Everything can open, and hold something. Regulator, batteries (arrives later), receiver, and a wide range of electrical stuff will follow shortly.
All neadly packed away, hidden in plain sight.

Holes in the floor of every compartment allows wires etc. to run between compartments underneath.. thus totally hidden.

  Batteries (for driving only) will go in the middle, regulator in the front, and receiver and a few smaller modules in the tank on the left side.
There's even room to spare!

  Rear end, covers off.
A fuse on the main supply line, and later the levelling control will go here.

  The amount of planned wires and cables are stunning, so I better get started!
The crane will have all normal driving lights, and then some!

  All covers back on.

  Looking closer at the engine area...

  Air intakes...

  And oil hoses! (Actually it's electrical wire..)

  The exhaust was originally painted with chrome paint, but it proved WAY too delicate, and a total no-go!

  Drivers door left open..
The instrument panel have small indicators; green, blue and red ones! (Not visible here)

  The crane will have a receiver of its own, so only very few electrical poles will need transfer between carrier and crane.
A contact mechanism will go in the center of the slewing ring, ensuring a full, unrestricted 360* operational capability!

  The carrier with the 40" container trailer.
Note the calipers on the ground for scale!
The carrier is 145cm long.

  Me and my toys...

Next: Outriggers including control and levelling system.

  While playing around with different solutions for the outriggers and support legs, I had some markings made for the crane.

I chose to put the type of the crane on the side of the carrier rather than the "company name", because I will put the "company name" on the crane, which goes right above the forward section of the carrier. This way the "company name" will rice high in the sky when the crane is erected, and there won't be to "company names" right next to each other in transport mode. The rest of the markings can be seen in the foreground, most of which will go on the crane base and cab later on.

  The supplier for these markings was www.rc3d.dk  He can make everything from license plates in color, and to relative simple markings like mine. I chose the font Arial Rounded Bold, so it's the font that makes the letters look at little "round", not the cutting.

I will definitely use www.rc3d.dk again! Quick and flawless service, and at a great price.

  Outriggers and support legs done, and ready to go on the carrier!

  Now the crane can lift it self off the ground, and work from there.

  The required workspace is absolute minimum 1m wide x 1,75m long (3.3ft x 5.8ft).
(Then there is no space for support trailers.)

  Completed carrier!

  Next step: The grey (primer) crane element 1 (of 5)
Please see specific sections.

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