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  Electronics and RC .
There is no way around it: Without electronics and RC, this entire build will only be a showcase model, and that is not the target. A lot of thought should go into the electronics, and the RC configuration, as there are a lot of decisions to be made. Which features do I want my mobile crane to have? Which button controls what, and when? Should some functions be shared? What happens if this function is activated, while the crane is in this configuration? Fail to safety... How do I make the transmitter control my home made microprocessor based systems for the outriggers etc?
(The microprocessor based system will be described in a separate chapter.)

A second challenge is the fact that we need A LOT of channels! How do we solve that? Where should everything go...

Note: You use any and all Information 100% at your own risk.

  The radio.
I got thsi Graupner MC-32 a while ago, and it is the ultimate radio!
Buy this, and you can doo everything you might need - on up to 100 different models from the same radio!

  The receivers.
I use two 12 channels receivers, set up in the radio as two completely seperate "models".
I then select "Carrier" on the remote when I want to drive the carrier, and I select "Crane" when I want to operate the crane at a site.
The not-selected one will go into failsafe / lock, and not do anything - until it is selected again.
In effect I have 24 channels! (The MC-32 radio can handle up to 99 receivers this way!)

  The regulator.
I have chosen the Servonaut M20+ because I like it. It has built in controls for the basic lights, and auto-throttle, which maintain the set speed until you either brake, or accelerate more. It also include a build-in 5A BEC for the receiver etc.

  Remote switches for lights.
Here I went with the CTI remote switches called PS4a. They go on the negative lead from stuff, and can handle a very wide range of things.
You can control four separate items, and they are toggled on / toggled off. (Switch function not momentary.)
Small enough to go anywhere, and in short brilliant.

  Remote switches for functions.
I will make a microprocessor based control system for the four outriggers and support legs, and I need to be able to control that from the remote.
I use two Conrad RC switches to give input signals to my outrigger controller, switch function momentary.

(The microprocessor based system will be described in a separate chapter.)

  Extra BEC for steering servos.
I have six strong steering servos (one on each of the steered axles), and they have the power to knock my receiver out cold if the all drain their max A. To solve that potential disaster I have placed several local BEC's for the steering servos, converting the 11,1V battery voltage to 5,5V for the servos..

  Servo reverser.
My crane has got eight axles, and six of those are steered. The two rear-most axles need to turn in the opposite direction compared to the other steered axles, so I got a servo reverser for that. The amount of mix can be adjusted, pretty nice.

   The battery.
I had NiMH in mind when I first began to build the crane, but have changed my mind towards LiPO.
I found a 5000mAH 11,1V battery incl. LiPO alarm, and I even share this battery with other models that I have.
Note: The battery is for driving only, and erecting the crane. Sustained crane operation will be supported by a power supply as this will demand a lot of energy.

(Later)   (RC components for the crane structure will be shown here at a later date.)






  This schematic show the on/off module configuration. ( pdf available by clicking here )
Note: The charge option is not valid for LiPO!

  This schematic show the light configuration. ( pdf available by clicking here )

  This schematic show the steering servo configuration. ( pdf available by clicking here )
(Also included on the 'RC configuration, carrier' schematic.)


  This schematics show the flash system for the outriggers. ( pdf available by clicking here )

  This schematics show the boom rest switch. ( pdf available by clicking here )

Page about this: Click here.

  This schematics show the outrigger controller. ( pdf available by clicking here )
Software (G-code) for the Atmega available by clicking here. Remember to rename to "main.c" and run assembler.

Page about this: Click here.

(available later)   This schematics show the RC configuration of the crane. ( pdf available by clicking here later)


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