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  On/off, power selector, battery charge

Even though that the crane will be controlled by remote, there will still be a few, simple controls at the vehicle itself.

Mainly, the key controlled on / off,
Power source selector (Internal / External),
External power input terminal,
Battery charge input terminal,
-and a few LED's to communicate essential information. (Explained later.)

  The schematics of my control board.

(Subject to change as project matures!)

  This 1,5mm aluminum plate will hold all controls!

The 3 pole plug is an XLR-plug.. Fine for external power supply when working at a job site, charge current for the batteries, and a ground connection.

  The board fits inside the rear cabinet on the carrier!

  The external power / charge plug has been positioned so that one door can remain closed while the plug is connected. That will help hide it a bit..

Doing actual crane work at a job site will consume A LOT of power, so the plan is to connect an external power supply when working. The internal battery is only for driving, and initial setup.

  This is the final control board! On-off using a key, and a switch to select internal or external power source / charge batteries. A three pole plug allows external power and a battery charger to be connected.
Explanation of the LED's: "EXT" External power is available. "SYS" System is energized.
H1 -> 4 and V 1 -> 4 are for the outriggers, so they can signal which one (or all) is selected for remote operation. H for horizontal sections, and V for the vertical section. More will follow later in a separate chapter, when the outriggers are made.

  A few tools found their place!

A plastic sheet (separator) prevents any tools (metal...) from sticking up and into the electronics right above!
An hour counter will be put into the upper crane structure so that I can keep an eye on the hours just like on a real crane.

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