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  Weight distribution plates.

The vertical support leg on the outriggers will need something to stand on so the weight is distributed over a larger area.

From looking at a lot of pictures, I can see that there are many different plates used for this.
I therefore went ahead and made my own.

  I was planning on using aluminum, but since I do not need to spread out the weight, I can use a wider range of materials for this. Also, the alu solution was a bit costly. I had some 8mm Delrin on stock, so I cut that on the CNC like so.

Update: The surface proved a bit too slippery, so I added some anti-skid tape after these pictures were taken.

  A bunch of solid brass tubes Ø4 were interted from the sides, so there is something to hook.

  This 20' frame fits right on the 40' container trailer, like the power supply container and the module for hooks and stuff.

Traffic cones etc will go in the two compartments at the ends.

  ....so I can drive around with them, and not lose them.
I should be able to load and unload them using the crane.

  In actual use.

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