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Pictures of the real crane!

Because no high-detail plans are available, I had to find as many images as I could. Having enough of them, and the basic drawings (here), is actually enough to get started building.
I strongly recommend printing the basic drawings on paper, as large as possible. Poster-size or so. I did, and that allowed me to measure on the drawing, multiply it by the scale, and calculate the correct measurement for my model. It proved a great supplement to images!

Below are most of the images that I have collected of the Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1
They are grouped according to area of interest, and some may be presented in more than one group.

Album: LTM1500_Various

Album: LTM1500_Cab

Album: LTM1500_Body

Album: LTM1500_Outriggers

Album: LTM1500_Rear

Album: LTM1500_Crane

Album: LTM1500_Hook

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