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  Support container .

The crane will have batteries for driving, but the energy needed to operate the crane for any extended period of time is too much for the size of batteries that I have room for. I will therefore build a power supply that will transform the mains supply of 240VAC to crane voltage (12VDC, ??A).

I will hide the power supply inside a "support container", because such a power supply looks bad right next to the crane.
The remaining space inside the container will hold mains cable, supply cable to the crane, spare hydraulic oil and such, and maybe a few basic tools.

  The basic plastic structure is a raised 3mm thick floor, and 1mm thick walls.

The roof is open, as it will be removable to allow access, doors will be added to one end.

  Shown on its side:
The floor is raised, and 3mm thick beams span the width for added strength.
The load will be a power supply, and what-not.

  The 20' container is build to scale, and will fit my container trailer.
A second unit is on the drawing board, but I'll leave that for now..

  Shown on its side:
10mm wide and 2mm thick plastic strips are glued to the sides, end and top of the container to give to optical appearance of container plating.
The strips are spaced using a piece of scrap metal, 15mm wide.

  Aluminum angles are added to the edges and corners. They are glued in place using two component, high strength epoxy so that no bolts and screws are visible. The profile is a 15x15mm, 2mm thick "L" profile.

  The corners should allow hooking it with the crane, so it can be moved to and from the container trailer before and after the actual job cycle.


Got the doors and the roof done!

  Doors open, and the roof comes off.
Later there will be an electrical panel behind the doors.

It turned out that I could not safely lift 3-4 kg by the corners alone, so I had to add eyebolts. It may not be pretty, but once things are painted they should blend in a bit. Besides, this MUST be 100% safe so that I do not drop a heavy power supply on anybody.

  The eyebolt is connected to the rod, extending down and through the floor, and to a locking nut. In effect, the container is lifted by the floor, making it much safer. (Marked with red arrows in the enlarged image.)

Also: A green arrow shows the magnet that pulls on the steel strip that I glued to the door. This holds the doors shut.

  The other end of the container will hold a thermostat controlled fan, keeping the power supply cooled.

  Got the container / power supply painted, and the cooling fan mounted in the rear end.

  The front end is more typical container-looking.

  Doors open to allow access to an electrical panel fitted later, and the top comes off to allow access to other support-stuff. I'll get back to all this later..

  A close-up of the front end. Simple, and functional.

    As the power requirements of the crane are yet unknown, building the power supply must wait. This part is therefore on pause..

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