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  Support frame A.

A second container-like structure was made for the big hook, various small stuff, and some extra wire for the crane.

The basic structure is a true replica of the support containers structure, but without the sides.

  The drum holds 62m of wire (room for more, but I ran out!), by far enough to supply the crane with a complete load of wire.
The drum rotates, and are supported by two oil-bronze bearings.

The wooden flooring is 10mm wide strips of wood, fitted using carpet tape (double sided, very thin). The color is "teak".

  Here the support frame is loaded on to my container trailer, in front of the power supply container.
The big 500t, 13 sleeve hook has been added in its future resting place.

The compartment in the middle will hold chains, smaller hooks, various stuff and what-not's.

  Ready for work!

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