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  Transportation case.

Transporting the crane is not easy. It is heavy, difficult to handle, and fragile at the same time.

I went and got some hard wood sheet (9mm & 15mm thick), and some more wood, latches, and so on.
The idea is that the crane drives on to the bottom, and then I place the top, and latch it all together.
The top allows handling via handles etc.

Box measurements: About 186 x 40 x 44cm

  Crane ready to drive on to the transportation case's bottom by itself (RC).

  The end of the bottom sheet has been filed to a slope, helping the crane to drive on to the 15mm thick bottom.

  Aligning is not too easy, but it can be done.
Note the four slots cut in the side bars. The extended support legs go here in a little while.

  Like this!
Now the crane cannot move backwards, nor forwards - and since all four support legs are extended into similar slots,
then the crane cannot move to the side either. It is in effect locked in place.

  Right rear support leg in the assigned slot.

  Left is only to hatch and lock, then it can be picked up.

  Ready for transporation, or storage.

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