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Fabrication, raw materials: Items:
http://www.ktstaal.dk/ Metal fabrication (B2B)
http://www.chr-fode.dk/ Metals
http://www.sanistaal.dk/ Mechanical, materials, tools etc.(No consumer sale!)
http://www.selva.de/ Mechanical
http://www.skumbutikken.dk/ Foam
http://www.rc3d.dk Your design of letters, signs or licensplates for your models + more!
http://www.metalcentret.dk/ Metals (No consumer sale!)
http://www.mobra.biz/ Tons of mechanical goodies (No consumer sale!)
Model building specific materials: Remarks:
http://www.der-getriebedoktor.de Model building materials, also custom orders
http://www.rcmodeltruck.dk/butik Model building materials
http://www.modelskibet.dk Model building materials
http://www.conrad.de/ Model building materials, look under Hobby ---> Modellbau
http://www.fechtner-modellbau.de Model building materials
https://www.loveelectronics.co.uk Electronics, clock- and 3 axis accelerometer
http://www.sparkfun.com Electronics, LCD's, 3 axis accelerometer
http://www.afv-model.com Model building materials
http://www.barnhausen.de/ Tires
http://www.bamatech.de/ Model building materials
http://www.rigidrc.com/shop/ Model building materials
http://www.rcbrmin.com/ Model building materials
http://www.store.rc4wd.com Model building materials
http://witzelhobby.dk/35-byggematerialer/ Model building materials
.. more to come!  

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