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  Heavily upgraded Off-Roader MEX Land Rover D90. Scale 1:10. (Sold)

The Land Rover D90 from MEX! Full 4x4, ultra low crawl speed, massive tires that grip even the air!
Basic kit bought at   http://www.rcmodelex.com/

(Unfortunately someone liked it so much that I was given an offer I could not refuse, so I only had it for a short while.)

  Slow T27 motor, HPI 7,4:1 reduction, 4x4 incl. two diff's.

Size: L46cm / W23cm / H26cm
Weight: 4,23 kg.

  The yellow color is RAL 1007 (Also used for the crane)

It was a gamble.. Most Land Rovers are green/blue/silver.. white top.. so I had to try something else.

  Custom parts: Gas can on rear door, large jack + mount, towing hook, license plate.

  Custom parts: Winch (rc controlled), steering guard under the front, license plate and shackles.

  Custom parts: Sand ladders, and various this-n-that.

This is the closest to the real yellow as I could get on these photos.

  Custom parts: Exhaust pipe, and the rear door can open...

  .. so that the battery can be loaded without taking the car apart.

  Custom parts: An electronics bay with closed rear wheel cases, and a metal bracket for battery and electronics.
(More info further down this page.)

  Custom parts: Plating on hood and fenders, and eyes for rope on the front edge of the fenders.
(Rope tied from here and to the roof rack help keep branches from hitting the windshield.)


  Custom parts: Rear windows blinded, and protective plating on lower body right behind rear wheels.

  I tried to get the slightly rough looking dashboard a little more detailed.

  Custom parts: Closed rear wheel cases, so no dirt would splash all over the battery.

The plug is for the light on the body, so that the body can be fully disconnected and removed.

  Custom parts: The metal bracket for battery and electronics. The idea is that the electronics can be mounted a little higher on the vertical wall, away from water and dirt.

  Front view of the T27 motor, and hidden wires for servo, motor, winch and high beam lights...
The black tube used for hiding is black, milkshake straws from McDonalds...


Custom parts: Rear light.

  Custom parts: Position- and low beam lights.

  Custom parts: High beam lights.