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  Heavily upgraded Off-Roader MEX Toyota Hilux. Scale 1:10.

The Toyota Hilux from MEX! Full 4x4, ultra low crawl speed, massive tires that grip even the air!
Basic kit bought at   http://www.rcmodelex.com/

  The car is based on a welded steel chassis, with a strong drivetrain and suspension.

  This is the original kit, minus all the small parts.. bolts, nuts, lamps, stuff for the inside and what not..

  Of cause you can get a million upgrades, so it is just a matter of getting started!
Motor and regulator is pure religion, and mine got a "Rock Extreme" offroad regulator with ESC 6V/5A BEC and a "540 - 35T RCM" motor.

- and extra lights, fittings, and so on.

  Mine ended up in.. tada: Blue! Black rims, and black safari snorkel, cage on the back, front winch, fender extensions etc.

The box in the back is for the battery.

  All lights work!

Tip: Run the wires inside black straws. That way they are A) hidden and B) protected from branches and sticks.

  Front has low and high beam light, front winch, hooks for towing etc.



  A few lines of wire in the back, for WHEN it gets stuck!

It works real well in snow, dirt, mud and yes; rocky terrain.

  And off we go!
If you have not ordered one already, do it now! Visit http://www.rcmodelex.com/