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  40' Maersk container trailer. Scale 1:14.

The container trailer was built mostly for fun. I have three brothers who all work as officers for Maersk, so I thought that this would be fun to have parked around the house at the next visit. Later it proved an excellent hiding place for chargers, extra batteries, tools, food and drink and so on when attending fares and exhibitions.

  Measurements with empty container loaded:
Length: 91cm
Width: 18,5cm
Height: 29,5cm.
Weight: 4,3kg.


  Detailing the container a little: Some one got too close with their truck, I think...

  The "dust" was made using a toothbrush dipped in paint. Running my thumb over the hairs the brush send a shower of little drops of paint, creating the effect of dust and dirt.
In a few locations, patches were placed.

  Doors are functioning!

  PLENTY of space within.

  The twist locks on the trailer work for both 40' and 20' units.

  Some day, I'll build something else to put on here.. like a couple of tank containers maybe... or an equipment container for the crane-stuff...

  All lights work, including the modified bumpers license plate light (not standard).

License plate ID number was chosen to match the latest number series at the time of completion, like I always do when choosing a license plate nr.