Ohio Class, Ballistic Missile Nuclear Powered Submarine, USS Kentucky SSBN737

The electronics, water intrusion alarm:

This system monitors both the WTC's, and are located in the forward valve compartment. (WTC2)
If water is detected in either compartment then it triggers the relay which again opens the blow valve. This surfaces the sub. If the event takes place on the surface then the blowing will cause bobbles, alerting the operator. This system will operate at all times because valve two (Surface) has got ground connection at all times. (Only dive valves are disabled.)

Diving is re-enabled once the situation has been corrected.

System schematics:

Please see “Components Pin-out’s” for details on the digital circuits.

It is vital that the pins are made of stainless steel, as they need to be operational at all times to ensure safety of the sub. Test them once in a while by touching them with a wet finger, and keep them clean. 


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