Ohio Class, Ballistic Missile Nuclear Powered Submarine, USS Kentucky SSBN737


A Ampere (Electrical current measurement)
ALT Automatic Leveller Trimmer
Atm Atmosphere (Pressure measurement)
ASAT Automatic Surface Alignment Trimmer
BAR (Pressure measurement)
Beam Width of the sub at its widest part
Bollard A point used for tying the sub to the peer
Bow thruster A screw / pump for sideways movement of the bow
Buoyancy The force that pulls up (positive), or down (negative)
In other words: The "weight" in water.
Draft Depth of the submerged part of the ship when sub
is floating at the surface
DSRV Deep-Submergence Rescue Vehicle
GND Ground connection
Hatch A watertight door for personnel / equipment
HY High Yield (Steel type, fx. "HY 80")
K Kilo, Kilo Ohms
LED Light Emitting Diode
M Mega, Mega Ohms
MIRV Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles
MTB Main Ballast Tank
MTT Main Trim Tank
Nav. Navigation
Nc Normal Closed (About contacts)
nF Nano Farad
No Normal Open (About contacts)
Periscope An optical or electronic device for surface view while dived
PSI Pounds pr. Square Inch (Pressure measurement)
Resistor, Ohm
RPM  Revolutions Per Minute
SONAR SOund, Navigation And Ranging
SPDT  Single Pole, Double Through
SSBN SS=Submarine B=Ballistic missile N=Nuclear powered
(According to USN standard designators, dating back to 1930's.)
START STrategic Arms Reduction Treaty
uF  Micro Farad
USN United States Navy
V Voltage (Electrical voltage measurement)
Vcc Supply voltage
WTC Water Tight Compartment


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