Ohio Class, Ballistic Missile Nuclear Powered Submarine, USS Kentucky SSBN737

WTC 2, holding the valves and electronics:

This is my home-made WTC2, holding the three valves and the associated network of hoses. It tested tight up to about 2.5 bar, at which pressure I dared not go further. (Was afraid the hoses might burst...) Please click the images to enlarge.
This compartment also holds the dual water detector, which monitors water intrusion in WTC1 and WTC2, with automatic surfacing. Also on this pcb is the 2Hz generator for the top light.

WTC2e.jpg (83109 byte)
The end of WTC2 outer shell. End wall made of 2 layers (with different diameter) of 1/4" plexi glass.
WTC2f.jpg (72486 byte)
Ring made in 1/6" aluminum, fitted with hexagon nuts w. internal & external M3 thread. All held in place by epoxy.  

This shows the three valves.
and the pcb in WTC2.
The spare hose ports are sealed.

This is the water sensor.
Gold plated pins at the lowest
possible location.
NOTE: Originally I used an O-ring as seal,
but it kept sliding out of position, thus
not sealing the WTC.

Here in the revised
version of WTC2 I had to redesign.
Now I use a flat seal cut from a
sheet of rubber.

This shows the raw rubber plate that
I cut to make the seals. The ring to the
right is a sample of the WTC pipe.

Here's the flat 3mm (1/8") thick rubber seal
and the tools used to make it.
Now it's time to fit it!

The seal will rest on the edge of the tube
and must be lubricated with rubber grease.
(Also used by plumbers.)

Here you can see the final position of the
seal up against the alu end plate.
The 8 bolts hold it VERY tight!
WTC2h.jpg (111208 byte)
Pressure testing to 2 bar
using tab water outlet.
Also testing the old pressure switch.

This is the new version of the WTC2,
with 5 ports to spare. (Thus closed
until needed.)

The "Water WTC1, Water WTC2 and
Power on" refers to 3 LED's inside the module.

WTC 2 fitted!

The complete bow!


When sealing the WTC, remember to apply "O-ring grease"! (Available in most hardware stores.)

Click images to enlarge.

Mechanical Data:
Length: Weight: Displacement: Buoyancy:
26 cm / 10,2" 1,3 kg / 2,87 lb 1,67 kg / 3,68 lb 0,37 kg / 0,81 lb

WTC 2, compartment connections:

Read more about the compartment function and schematics here: Dive System & Ballast Tank


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